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Government is a Beast

The book of Daniel becomes a point of discussion from time to time in these troubled days of looming world government. Twice in Daniel’s book, human government is discussed. On both of these occasions the human governments mentioned are the future powers that will dominate the world.
In Daniel 7 a vision of four beasts, rising up from the sea is described. It is obvious that these four beasts are symbolic of humanly created civil governments. With this ancient depiction of human government in our grasp we can easily see the opinion of the ancients: Human government is a beast. Can there be any doubt of this description? In fact, the coming world government depicted in the Bible is “The Beast.” The coming world dictator is “The Beast.”

What is the meaning of this? Put simply, government is a beast that eats whatever and whomever is in its path. Government is meant to be a beast. It needs to be a beast to do its job. And what is the job of government?

The founders and framers had a definite assignment for the government. The function of government is to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens. That is the sum of it. Since this is the only function of government, the force of a beast is needed.

This self-evident truth calls for proper principles immediately. As Thomas Jefferson said that government should be “chained down with the chains of the Constitution.” My fellow citizens, the beast is necessary, but it must not be allowed to run loose, it must only be permitted fulfill its only function.
In thinking this through we find our present situation strange. Instead of making us submit to endless permits from the beast, the beast should be issued permits from us. We are not to arbitrarily submit to it, it must submit to us. The beast must be chained. Any loosing of the chain will allow the beast to grow, multiply and eat the very citizens it was designed to protect.

So let us chain the beast, let us not over feed it, let us not trust it, let us not turn our backs on it. We dare not give the beast anymore responsibility that its original purpose, for if we let it loose of its chain, it will eat every last one of us. If the beast begins to eat the very people it was designed to protect, it is to be destroyed. Period. No hesitation. It is just too dangerous to do otherwise.
James Beller

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Do you believe governmental programs such as welfare, social security and food stamps to be a way in which we are allowing "the Beast" to take more control over our lives?