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Dearborn Michigan no longer American

Judge: Group can’t walk with literature at Michigan festival

By David N Goodman
June 18, 2009

A federal judge Thursday denied an evangelical Christian group’s request for permission to hand out literature on sidewalks at an Arab festival in the heart of the Detroit area’s Middle Eastern community.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds denied Anaheim, Calif.-based Arabic Christian Perspective’s request for a temporary restraining order.

The group describes itself in its court filing as “a national ministry established for the purpose of proclaiming the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims … (that) travels around the country attending and distributing Christian literature at Muslim festivals and mosques.” [Read more →]

July 22, 2009   1 Comment

S.909 The Hate Crimes Prevention Act and H.R.1966 The Cyberbullying Prevention Act

8 Reasons “Hate” Crimes Legislation is Illegitimate, or,
Reasons to Reject S.909 and H.R.1966

By James Beller

1. “Hate” is not a crime, it is only a sin of the conscience. And the conscience cannot be legislated in America. Even though “hate” is not the object of prosecution in S.909, the bill will be used to bring greater punishment on the perpetrator, making “hate,” which is an opinion of the conscience, measurable. [Read more →]

July 18, 2009   2 Comments

Chain the Beast Webcast and the Penny Patriot Circular

For a revival of American liberty to take place, a massive education campaign must be launched. This web site, the coming webcasts, and the Penny Patriot Circular is our way of getting information out quickly and cheaply. Click on the links in this introductory post to see how you can help turn hearts and minds in our distracted political climate.

You can stream the Chain the Beast webcast every Sunday evening beginning in September, and download the Penny Patriot for distribution.

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